Please, Sir, I Want Some More ‘Olivia Twist #1’ On #TheWednesdayRun

Biff Bam Pop’s weekly The Wednesday Run column, written by JP Fallavollita featuring the comic book release of the week for Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Everyone knows the classic, Victorian-era story, Oliver Twist, written by Charles Dickens. Chances are, you’ve read it in school, and, quite possibly, written more than one essay on its themes of social class, criminality, and the exploitation of youth. Also, you’ve probably seen the movie. Or stage play. Today, Berger Books, an imprint of Dark Horse Comics that is curated by editor extraordinaire, Karen Berger, publishes the first issue of a four-part monthly series, called Olivia Twist. How’s that for a twist on character? It’s written by novelist Darin Strauss and writing professor Adam Dalva and illustrated by Emma Vieceli.

You can read the column in its entirety here.

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