Fall For The Beckoning Black Barn In “Gideon Falls #1” On The Wednesday Run

There’s always room in my comic book reading pile for new works from writer and illustrator, Jeff Lemire.

Incorporate the gritty, noir visuals of artist extraordinaire, Andrea Sorrentino, and that new work is at the very top of my reading pile.

Make it a long-form suspense story about murder, altered states of consciousness, and an inter-dimensional malevolence, and that comic book is no longer at the top of my reading pile.

No, it’s in my hands. Open. And with pages being feverishly turned!

Luckily for all of us, that desire is fulfilled today with the release of the first issue of the brand new monthly comic book series, Gideon Falls!

And I can excitedly – and furtively – say that the suspense of Gideon Falls #1 does not disappoint!

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