Get Lost Inside “Jim Henson’s Labyrinth #1” On The Wednesday Run

It’s 1986 and I’m thirteen years and falling in love with puppet goblins, fairies, beasts, dwarves, doorknockers, a fox terrier knight and Jennifer Connelly after seeing her in Jim Henson’s production of Labyrinth.

Although Labyrinth, the film, didn’t garner rave reviews during its time of release in the mid nineteen-eighties, it has nevertheless become a cult classic. The grand fantasy touchstone for so many people did exactly what the great Jim Henson wanted it to do. Labyrinth opened up the doors to the maze of imagination for kids and teens everywhere – the fans that remember the film so very fondly today.

Ah-hem. And it’s beautiful protagonist.

Oh yeah. And the legendary music God, David Bowie, who also made an “appearance” in the movie.

Labyrinth has been experienced in comic book form before – but never before has it been experienced like today’s release of Boom! Studios’ Jim…

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