TV Producer Damon Lindelof Stirs The HBO ‘Watchmen’ Pot

Originally published on pop culture website, Biff Bam Pop! on Friday, May 28, 2018, ‘TV Producer Damon Lindelof Stirs The HBO Watchmen Pot’ is an editorial response to Lindelof’s recent five-page letter addressed to pop culture fans in general, and Watchmen fans in particular, on his reasons for participating in bringing the acclaimed graphic novel series to television.

As the creator of pop culture touch points such as Lost, Star Trek, Prometheus and The Leftovers, there are many reasons for Lindelof to do it.

And, given the controversy over copyright and the complex arguments surrounding morality, not to mention the timelessness of the source material, there are many more important reasons as to why it should not be done.

You can read the editorial column in its entirety here.

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