Two Poems For #WorldPoetryDay

Thursday, March 21, 2019 is #WorldPoetryDay – an international event dedicated to poetry in all of its wonderful forms and functions.

Here are my two short submissions to the celebration this year:

Mime, My Madonna (1994)

Words and images culled from both university level Medieval Art History classes and the downtown Toronto alternative-music nightlife of mid-1990’s. Mime, My Madonna is a song lyric from a twenty-one year old me, back when I fancied myself the next great pop song writer of the world’s next great pop-rock band that never played live and never cut an album. Put to some imaginative head music, I think it’ll still make you cut a rug on the dance floor.

Planets Spin (2005)

In love with celestial bodies and also in love with love. A short poem about both.

One thought on “Two Poems For #WorldPoetryDay

  1. I heard it was World Poetry Day a d wondered if you were going to post anything. Good for you and you didn’t disappoint. 😘

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